2016- (2018)  University of Copenhagen, Institute for Crosscultural and Regional Studies, Postdoctoral researcher
2014 – 2016  UCSD, Center for US-Mexican Studies, Visiting Fellow
2010 – 2016  Brown University, Department of Anthropology, PhD student
2010 – 2016  University of Copenhagen, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Occasional External Lecturer and Examinator

Brown University, Ph.d. in Linguistic Anthropology, 2010 – 2016
Committee: Paja Faudree, Kay Warren, Stephen Houston, Jessaca Leinaweaver, Michael Silverstein.
Dissertation: “Nahuatl Nation: Language, Politics and Indigenous resurgence in 21st Century Mexico

University of Copenhagen, Native American Languages and Cultures (B.A. 2003, M.A. 2007) Thesis advisor: Una Canger.

Anthropology: Nationalism, indigeneity, semiotics, ethnohistory, language politics and education, race and ethnicity, kinship, subjectivity and politics, space and politics

Linguistics: Language endangerment and revitalization, pragmatics, Historical linguistics, dialectology, language change, Nahuatl, Uto-Aztecan languages, grammaticalization, language and cognition, polysynthesis and syntax, space and grammar

Most publications are accessible through

Research Articles

  • Forthcoming. – Aztlan and Mexican Transnationalism: Language, Nation and History, chapter for Changing World Language Map, edited by Stanley Brunn, under contract w. Springer (Coauthor w.Kurly Tlapoyawa)
  • 2016. – The Difference Language Makes: The Lifehistory of Nahuatl in Two Mexican Families. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology.
  • 2016. – Writing Irataba: representing Native Americans on Wikipedia. American Anthropologist.
  • 2016. – Teotamachilizti: A sermon from colonial Guatemala in a Nahuan language. Colonial Latin American Review. (Coauthor w. Julia Madajczak)
  • 2016. – “Authority and authenticity: The Micro-politics of Revitalization in an Otomí Community.” Chapter in Latin American Contexts of Revitalization, Gabriela Pérez Baéz & Jorge Labrada (eds.). Mouton de Gruyter. First author w. Nestor Hernandez-Green, Rory Turnbull and Ditte Boeg Thomsen.
  • 2015  – “Lenguaje del paisaje: Testimonios lingüísticos del otomí de Acazulco”. In Bajo el volcán: Vida y ritualidad en torno al Nevado de Toluca. Silvina Vigliani; Roberto Junco. eds. México: Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia. Coauthor w. Ditte Boeg Thomsen.
  • 2014 – “Language and Social History.” Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Anthropology.
    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Coauthor w. Paja Faudree.
  • 2011 – Adjectives in Hueyapan Nahuatl: Do they exist? And if they do what kind of adjectives are they? Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics. Volume 32. pp. 8 – 19.
  • 2011  – Polysynthesis in Hueyapan Nahuatl: Status of NP’s, word order and other concerns.
    Anthropological linguistics. Volume 52. Nos 3-4. pp. 274-300
  • 2010 – Nahuatl among Jehovah’s Witnesses in Hueyapan, International Journal of the Sociology of Language. 203:124-137
  • 2008 -”Huitzilopochtlis anden genkomst i Hueyapan” [The second coming of Huitzilopochtli in Hueyapan], In: Nielsen, Jesper and Mettelise Fritz Hansen (eds.), De mange veje til Mesoamerika. Hyldestskrift til Una Canger. Copenhagen: Department of Native American Languages and Cultures, Institute for Cross-disciplinary and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen


  • 2017.  Amapoualistle: Lecturas en Nahuatl de Hueyapan, Morelos. Gobierno del Estado de Morelos. Morelos: Mexico [A pedagogical grammar, texts and a vocabulary in Hueyapan Nahuatl, published by the cultural secretariat of the state of Morelos, for use with the Hueyapan language revitalization project]


  • 2015 – Review of Shaylih Muehlmann. 2012. Where the River Ends. Social Anthropology 23:107-108
  • 2013  – Review of Course, Magnus. 2011. Becoming Mapuche. Social Anthropology. 21:580-581
  • 2013 – Review of Sullivan, Patrick. 2011. Belonging Together. Dealing with the Politics of
    Disenchantment in Australian Indigenous Policy. Social Anthropology. 21:419-420
  • 2012 – Review of Steffen Haurholm-Larsen. Sierra de Zongolica Nawatl: Verbal Constructions – a functional analysis” Linguist List.

2014 Winner of the Graduate Student Essay Contest of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology with the essay “The Difference language makes: The Life-History of Nahuatl in Two Mexican Families”


  • 2016-2018 –  Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Danish Council of Independent Research
  • 2015 – 2016 -NAEd/Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowship
  • 2014 – 2015 – Pre-doctoral fellow at the Center for US-Mexican studies at the University of California San Diego.


  • 2016 – Danish Council of Independent Research, Postdoctoral Grant, $180,000
  • 2013 – Jacobs Research Fund, Fieldwork grant, $3000
  • 2011 – Research Experience for Graduates grant, NSF. $5000
  • 2010 – Henry Shaw’s legat. Scholarship for studies abroad. $5,500.
  • 2009 – Per Slomanns legat. Private research grant for studies in comparative
    linguistics, administered by the department of linguistics at the University of Copenhagen. $35,000.
  • 2003 – Internationalization Stipend. Travel stipend for field studies in Mexico from the University of Copenhagen. $1200.


  • In Mexico in Nahuatl and Otomi speaking communities 2003-2016 (ca. 3 years total)
  • In Southern California with Nahuatl language activists since 2014

At Brown University

  • Survival of the Whitest: Two Centuries of Racism and Evolutionary Theory (2012)
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. (2012)
  • Human Evolution. (2011)

At University of Copenhagen

  • Introduction to Mesoamerican Archeology. (2010)
  • Indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica: From Olmecs to Zapatistas. (2010)

TA experience at Brown University:

  • Signs and Symbols: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology.
  • Language and Power.
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.
  • Human Evolution.

Non-University Teaching:

  • Kalundborg Area School of Production. Danish for youths with special needs. (2010)
  • Ruds Vedby Elementary School. Sixth grade teacher of Danish, History and English. (2008)


  • Consultant for community language revitalization project in Hueyapan, Morelos. Including the elaboration of Nahuatl language education materials, including grammar lessons, a dictionary and texts. (2013-2014)
  • Consultant for community language revitalization project in San Jerónimo Acazulco, Mexico State. Including the elaboration of Otomi language education materials, grammar lessons, a dictionary and texts, self-published and disseminated in the community. (2010-2012)
  • Contributor to Wikipedia on topics related to Anthropology: languages and history of indigenous peoples in the Americas, Race, ethnicity, culture, anthropological biographies, and individual  languages. (2005-2016)
  • Consultant for the Intercultural University of Veracruz, in the development of a Nahuatl-based curriculum for its Native Language MA program (2016-).


  • Danish – Native academic competence
  • English – Fluent, academic competence (25 years of study and use)
  • Spanish – Fluent, academic competence (17 years of study and use)
  • Nahuatl – Conversation competence, reading and translation at academic level
    (15 years of study and use)
  • Otomi – Basic grammar and conversation competence. (5 months of field work.)
  • German – Reading competence, basic grammar competence (5 years of
  • Greenlandic – Knowledge of grammatical structure, basic
    colloquial competence (1 year of intensive study)
  • Latin – Basic grammatical knowledge (1 year of study)
    Reading and listening skills in Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, French

Knowledge of the historical linguistics of the following families:

  • Uto-Aztecan (Nahuan, Coracholan)
  • Indo-European (Romance, Germanic)
  • Oto-Manguean (Oto-Pamean)
  • Mayan