Amapoualistle: Lecturas en Náhuatl de Hueyapan Morelos, a collection of texts in Nahuatl from Hueyapan, Morelos, and a short grammatical sketch and a vocabulary, was published by the State Government of Morelos in March, 2017. I collected and edited the texts, and wrote the grammar sketch and vocabulary, and compiled them for publication on the request of the Nahuatl revitalization project of Hueyapan – the Chimalnahuatlajtole Language Academy. Here are two of the members of the academy, Alex Maya and Yesenia Castellanos, at the book presentation in Mexico City on March 4th. The texts were told to me by Doña Modesta Lavana, Don Hilarin Montiel Benitez, Doña Petra Ariza Jimenez, Don Andrés Barranco Navarro and Claudia Zavala Amaro – and another couple were originally published by Miguel Barrios Espinosa in 1947. The book is not for sale but should be distributed soon, free of charge – primarily in the community.

book presentation